Interaction with Tenured Professors as an Undergrad

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As an undergraduate student in business, you want to make sure that you are getting the best education possible and building connections that will help you in the future. Building relationships with tenured professors is one way to do this. Tenured professors have the most professional experience and knowledge in the field, and they can be a great resource for the development of your career. Knowing how to connect with tenured professors as an undergraduate student will boost your chances of success in the field. 

How Much do Business Undergrads Interact with Tenured Professors?

Undergraduate students generally do not have as much access to tenured professors’ time as graduate students do. Introductory courses are often taught by less experienced professors. These courses are generally larger as well, so students do not have access to the one on one time necessary to build a relationship with professors.

As an undergraduate student moves through his degree, he may begin to have more access to tenured professors. Upper level undergraduate courses are often taught by the most knowledgeable professors in the the department. If the program requires a thesis or other independent project, a student with an impressive academic track record and a good idea may be able to impress a tenured professor into working with him. In general, the attention of tenured professors is caught more often as the student advances his thinking in the field.

Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

Tenured professors generally aren’t going to come to you, so if you are serious about making these relationships then you need to be proactive about interacting the professors. If there are a few professors who really interest you, then it is a good idea to stay abreast of their activities at the University. Attend all of the talks they give, and be present whenever they are involved in panels or student discussions. Knowing a lot about the professor’s ideas and research will show the professor that you are truly interested in her work. She may be willing to give you some advice or engage with you on the subjects that interest both of you.

Professors are humans just like the rest of us, and a lot of your success with forming relationships with your professors will depend on your charisma. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a professor. She might welcome the chance to interact with her students on a more personal level, rather than from behind a podium. A good mix of friendly interactions and intellectual curiosity may be enough to get the professor to express interest in you.

Think deeply about the subjects that you are studying. If you are able to come up with interesting and unique questions to ask a professor, this may be your conversation starter. Proving your intelligence on the subject is always a good way to build a relationship with a professor. If you are interested in completing additional research projects, this will go even further in helping you build a strong relationship. For more tips on building these relationships, follow this link.


Tenured professors are often quite busy, but with the right approach you can certainly develop relationships with them. Interacting with tenured professors involves a mix of personal and intellectual engagement. If you are serious about business, this will shine through and professors will notice you.

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