How Can I Specialize an Accounting Degree?

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Accounting DegreeIf you are thinking about pursuing a career in accounting, you have probably wondered how to specialize an accounting degree in a manner that makes you a more marketable job candidate. By reviewing the information found below, you can find the answer to this and several other questions that pertain to the field of accounting.

How Can I Specialize an Accounting Degree?

There are several different ways that an individual can specialize an accounting degree, and some of them include:

1. Selecting a Minor

If you want to demonstrate that you have education and experience in a specific field within the field of accounting, obtaining a minor in that field is an excellent idea. There are several different minors that you can select to complement your accounting major, and some of them include law, government, health, education, finance, and business. Obtaining a minor in any of these fields will make you a more marketable job candidate to employers looking for individuals with expertise in the respective sectors. When you select the coursework that you want to take to complete the requirements for the minor, try to select those that are most pertinent to accounting or the specific field within the world of accounting that you want to work in. Remember that you can demonstrate your expansive knowledge in a specific area of accounting by attaining and successfully completing an internship within the sector you plan to work in.

In addition to specializing your accounting degree by completing a minor, you can also double major in any of the aforementioned subject areas. While doing this can make you a very marketable job candidate, you should note that doing so will generally require that you complete at least an extra year of coursework.

2. Obtain a Certification

If you’re serious about working within the field of accounting, you should definitely earn your Certified Public Accountant certification. Individuals who do so can work within many different specialization areas, including compliance, audit, forensic accounting, tax, IT systems, fraud examination, appraisals, risk management, and more. Individuals who become CPAs are equipped to help companies reduce risk for the organization, improve processes, comply with regulations and bylaws, and support appraisal and valuation initiatives.

Your Accounting Specialization Options

According to the American Institute of CPA’s, there are many different specialization fields that accounting majors can pursue. Some of them include:

Personal Financial Planning
Information Management and Technology Assurance
Assurance Services
Environmental Accounting
International Accounting

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Careers In Accounting

Once you have attained the education and experience necessary to accurately state that you have an accounting specialization, you can pursue a career with confidence. For example, individuals who choose finance as their area of specialization can seek a job as a financial manager. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a financial manager can expect to earn about $109,740 annually.


If you are thinking about pursuing a career in the field of accounting, you should know that doing so can be a personally and professionally rewarding decision. Now that you have  some basic information regarding how to specialize accounting degree, you can make an informed decision regarding how to advance your accounting career.

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