Top 5 Budget Conference Room Projector Screens

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Conference room projector screens are perfect for showing content to large groups of people. Whether displaying content from a phone, laptop, or other media device, projectors screens are essential to many businesses today. Detailed below are 5 quality conference room projector screens.

Safeplus Tripod Projection Screen, Portable Tripod Floor Stand Manual Pull up Home Theater Office Presentation Projector Screen 100 Inch Diagonal (87″ x 49″ / 16:9)

The Safeplus Tripod Projection Screen is a great option for consumers in need of a portable, yet affordable conference projector screen. With its portable setup, the quality matte surface of the screen is ideal for projected light; this projector is useful in a variety of settings, from your home to professional business meetings.

The surface of the screen is easily washable using soap and water. The height of the projector may be heightened or lowered, depending on your viewing preferences. With ease of use and a quality build, the Safeplus projector is a great option.

Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 Series Projector Screen

The Elite Screens Sable frame is one of the finest conference projector screens available in the market. It features a black velvet frame which is aesthetically pleasing and also provides a high quality picture. The included sliding wall bracket is easy to set up and start using. Available in various sizes, this projector meets most screening needs.

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EUG 40″ Portable Foldable Projector Screen

Extremely cheap and transportable, the EUG 40″ projector screen is an incredible option for consumers in need of a conference projector screen at an affordable price. Convenient to carry, this projector screen may be transported from homes to classroom settings and professional locations with ease. It is an ideal screen for LED projectors and since the setup is a cinch, this foldable, durable and mountable EUG projector screen may be taken with you anywhere you may need to travel.

Safeplus Manual Pull Down Projection Screen

The Safeplus Manual Pull Down Projector Screen is an another great option for consumers in need of a display that mounted obtrusively on a wall or ceiling. With a matte white viewing surface that measures  96″ x 72″, this screen is adjustable for various heights and viewing preferences. From gaming, to movies and television, this screen is an affordable option and great for individuals of all ages.

Safstar Pull up Floor Projection Screen

The Safstar Pull up Floor Projection screen durable, easy to carry and includes a carrying handle and lightweight build. With a viewing area that measures 64″×48″, this screen is perfect for consumers needing a dependable option for either a portable or permanent conference room projector screen.

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