What Type of Extra-Curricular Activities Should I Participate In While Obtaining My Degree?

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Extra-Curricular Activities for CollegeThe college experience that includes excellent networking opportunities, challenging coursework and fun extra-curricular activities while obtaining degree goals are some of the main reasons that young people decide to attend a university. Typically, serious students do not have a lot of spare time, so even the fun activities in which they choose to participate should strategically promote either their personal or professional development in some way. It helps for these students to have talked with an academic advisor or mentor and generated a career plan as early as possible. Students who have made these types of plans can easily sift through the extra-curricular activities that waste time and find those that add value. Here are some extra-curricular activities that promote the development of interpersonal and professional skills needed for long-term career growth.

Join the Club

A lot of students gained entrance into top colleges and universities, because of their involvement in extra-curricular activities that college admission officers thought were valuable. A student’s inclination toward volunteering time and talents in interesting clubs should not stop once they gain entrance into a university program. Many times college students have the opportunity to join professional clubs that match their academic majors. These clubs are especially valuable because students are kept up to date on trends in the industry that they desire to enter upon graduation and gain hands-on experience. Gaining leadership positions within these clubs is an even greater enhancement to the university experience. It will help improve your social skills and show people your valuable work ethic, according to an article in the Northern Star.

Student Government

While joining professional clubs offers students excellent networking opportunities, participating in the university’s student government organization paves the way for good citizenship. Political science, history and law school students usually take advantage of membership into student government organizations to gain valuable hands on experience about the inner workings of a government in microcosm. Students who participate in this type of organization become thoroughly prepared for real world administrative positions while often improving operations at their schools. It also show great time management skills and an early display of leadership.

Intramural Sports

The need to maintain one’s health is often overlooked by college students who want to spend most of their time studying for the next big assignment. Joining an intramural sports team allows students to relieve stress in a healthy fashion while interacting with peers. Even scientific studies point out the connection between physical exercise and optimal brain function.

Become a Tutor

A person can tell that they have mastered a subject when they can adequately teach it to others. In this way, becoming a tutor keeps one’s skills sharp while helping one’s fellow students. Although student volunteer tutors at universities are rarely paid, the activity still has money-making potential. Some students who are good at tutoring often start their own tutoring businesses or become mainstream teachers.

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A student’s time at a university should be anything but boring, and extra-curricular activities usually provide much needed fun as well as opportunities to practice leadership skills. Activities associated with professional organizations are nearly always great choices for extra-curricular functions while one will never regret student leadership enterprises that promote good causes within local communities. Smart students prepare themselves for rewarding careers using extra-curricular activities while obtaining degree objectives.

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