What Is the Best Business Degree to Choose?

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With so many business degree types to choose from, it is no wonder that students often ask which major is best. The answer to that question depends on factors such as career goals, strengths and talents. If you are interested in a business major but are not sure which one to choose, the below information can help you decide.

Business Administration

A degree in business administration is a safe choice if you are not sure of your future career goals. Business administration is a well-rounded major that focuses on several disciplines. For example, a typical program will offer classes in math, statistics, accounting, finance, ethics and more. With this major, you will be valuable to employers because of your diverse background. It can help you gain entry-level employment in government, non-profit organizations and general industries. While other business degree types are more specific, business administration is perfect for a student who wants to keep their options open.


As one of the best business majors available, accounting provides students with the skill set needed to oversee a company’s complex finances. The field is competitive, but many companies desire graduates who have degrees in this discipline. If you are interested in math, auditing and income taxes, a major in accounting may be a good fit. Students have the option of sticking with their bachelor’s degree or continuing on to graduate programs in accounting and taxation. With a few extra courses, accounting graduates are eligible to sit for the CPA exam. In recent times, the demand for CPAs trained in forensic accounting is increasing. You can find more information about that exciting field here.

International Business

In today’s global economy, an international business degree is a great choice if you want to remain competitive. In addition to the basic business core, this major provides students with advanced coursework in global economics, international trade, supply chain management and strategic management. To round out your education, consider taking a double major or minor in a second language.


If you are looking for a diverse degree that can open doors in many fields, consider pursing a bachelor’s in marketing. Marketing is another well-rounded discipline that provides you with a solid business foundation while offering upper-level coursework in market research, consumer behavior, international marketing, branding and promotion. A degree in marketing will enable you to work in public relations, market research, product management or advertising.


If you are interested in a high-powered career, a degree in finance is the best option. While the other business degree types can prepare you to work in any type of company, studying finance makes it easier to obtain employment in banks, brokerage firms and investment firms. A major in finance will provide you with an education in investment management, corporate finance, managerial accounting and business strategy. This is a great degree if you aspire to become an investment banker, stockbroker or even the Chief Financial Officer of a large corporation.

With so many options available, it can be hard for students to choose the right business major. With a little creative thinking and this basic guide, you will be able to sort through the different business degree types and choose the best option for you.

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