What is an Investment Startup Matching Service?

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What exactly is an investment startup matching service, or ISMS? This is a great and oft-asked question that we will provide some answers for here. Read along as we cover the basics of today’s ISMS.

The Concept

On one end of the ISMS concept stands the fledgling business or business idea. Here, an individual or group has come up with an idea they feel is right for marketing and business. The idea may require assistance in funding and other areas in order to get off the ground. In other cases, the idea has already launched into a fledgling business that now simply needs backing in order to survive its delicate infancy.

On the other end of the equation is the investor. This group or single individual seeks to make profits via investing their funds and/or business connections. They put out the money and supportive net, and in return, future profits may be partially allocated to them, making them an eventual yet healthy profit from their initial investment efforts.

There are plenty of startups needing funding and support out there. There are also plenty of investors ready to make such a profitable exchange. The only problem it seems is in finding each other. Enter the ISMS – investment startup matching service.

Examples at Work

These matching services provide that much needed link between the investor and the startup needing their services. Typically located online, these services join the investors and the startups in one, singular forum. Here, all can become familiar with each others’ needs, ongoing projects, funding, and all other relevant factors.

Examples of ISMS


OneVest is a popular ISMS network featured by publication giants such as Forbes, Dow Jones, and Crain’s. Here, investors and startup ventures can meetup and manufacture site-overseen deals going well into the future. According to the site, its network consists of over 300,000 entrepreneurs and requires no fees of investors.


WeFunder is another popular ISMS today. According to its site, it has garnered deals for startups via more than 77,000 investors to date. Investors and startups can meet and become engaged in business here through the site’s interactive network that shows real-time activity. Beyond this basic service though, members can also find valuable resources and learn all about the various parts of the process.

Venture Giant

Venture Giant is the United Kingdom’s own version of ISMS. At this site, Britain’s investors and entrepreneurs meet, exchange ideas, and become joined in business. Currently, the site is said to feature more than 1,500 active projects as well as over 1,000 registered investors ready for action.

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Perhaps the concept of startups and investments in them has been around for ages. Today’s ISMS however is quite new and is changing the way business is done here for the better. Now, the greatest of ideas and fledgling businesses don’t necessarily need their own mountain of capital and other resources in order to have a chance. Anyone can do it. These are the basics of today’s investment startup matching service, or ISMS.

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