How Do I Find Out the Four-Year Graduation Rate for Students at a Business School?

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The four year graduation rate of a business school is an important factor in deciding which school to choose. These statistics can sometimes be difficult to find. Here are some tips on what the four year graduation rate means, and how to find it.

What Does the Statistic Mean?

The four year graduation rate tells you the percentage of students from a given school who were able to complete their degree in four years. Since most undergraduate programs are supposed to be four years long, a low four year graduation rate can indicate some problems with the program design. It could mean that the requirements for graduation are too stringent and that many students weren’t able to complete them all within four years. It could mean that the academic advisory program is not strong, and that students were not given enough guidance in order to plan their four year trajectory with success. It could also indicate that many students lost motivation to finish the program or dropped out.

A portion of the statistic could have positive indications. If students chose to extend their education in order to take on additional projects, this could indicate that the program was very successful at engaging and motivating its students to learn. If many students decide to extend so that they can work at the same time as they study, then perhaps a low four year graduation rate means that a school is particularly flexible with their students and their definition of a full time student. Knowing the four year graduation rate is not enough; one needs to investigate the reasons why the statistic is high or low. For comparison, here is a list of some of the schools with the highest four year graduation rates, including many business schools.

Finding the Four Year Graduation Rate

Strategies for finding out the four year graduation rate vary by school. Many schools have their four year graduation rates posted in national ranking databases such as the College Board and the Princeton Review. A review of these websites can provide a good comparison of many schools.

Looking at an individual school’s admissions materials can also help. Sometimes the information is posted on a school’s website. You may need to download and browse an admissions brochure to find out the statistic, or it may be listed in a facts sheet on the school’s website. Sometimes a google search is enough to turn up a credible source for finding out the schools’ four year graduation rate.

A visit to campus can give you the opportunity to collect a lot of information about the school, including its four year graduation rate. Admissions pamphlets usually have this type of information, but you may need to do some reading.

If all else fails, you can contact the school directly. An email or phone call to the admissions office should return the information you need. An admissions officer can also answer questions about why a graduation rate is particularly high or low.

There are many of places where you can potentially find a school’s four year graduation rate. A little bit of research and persistence may be necessary, but you are certain to find the information you need. But remember: the four year graduation rate is not always as telling as you think it would be, since there are many factors that contribute to this statistic.

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