How Can I Combine a Business Degree with Human Resources?

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Human ResourcesIf you are thinking about pursuing a business degree, but want to somehow use the degree to work within the field of human resources, an important question has probably crossed your mind: How can I combine business degree with human resources? By reading the information to be found below, you can get an answer to this question and several others that pertain to the fields of business and human resources.

Business and Human Resources: A Brief Overview

Although broadly defined, business is basically the exchange of goods and services for money. Individuals who opt to pursue an undergraduate business degree will generally take courses that prepare them to excel within the world of business such as Organizational Leadership, Business Administration, Communication Skills, Marketing, and more.

Human resources is a field that involves the development and administration of programs that increase the effectiveness of a business by monitoring its efficacy as an employer in terms of things such as pay, hiring processes, human resource policies, benefits, and more. In short, human resources is the sector that involves the creation and management of positive and mutually beneficial employer-employee relationships.

Combining A Business Degree with Human Resources

If you are planning to obtain a business degree to pursue a career in the field of business yet also want to work within the human resources sector, there are several ways that you can accomplish this objective:

1. Combine Your Business Degree With A Human Resources Minor

Adding a minor in human resources to complement your business degree is an excellent idea for several reasons. First of all, you will generally only have to take about five human resources classes to get the minor, meaning that you won’t have to spend a great deal more time in school to accomplish the objective. Additionally, the information you’ll learn by obtaining the minor will equip you to excel in almost any sector within the field of human resources. Some of the courses you can expect to take if you opt to minor in human resources include Human Resources Management, Interview Skills, Accounts Payable, Business Analysis, and Conflict Resolution.

2. Pursue an Internship in Human Resources

If you are not interested in getting a minor in human resources to complement your business degree, consider completing an internship. Sometimes, experience is viewed even more favorably than education in the eyes of employers who are attempting to hire the most promising job candidate. There are many different internships within the field of human resources, including with major companies such as Coca-Cola and T-Mobile, as well as with smaller organizations in your local area.

3. Begin Working in a Field that Combines Business and Human Resources

Yet another way you can combine your business degree with human resources is to simply begin working within a field that pertains to both sectors. For example, you could opt to apply for a position as a human resources manager. Individuals who obtain this position generally have a non-specified bachelor’s degree, so having your degree in business will make you a marketable candidate. Additionally, the management skills you obtain through the business courses you take will prepare you to excel in this position. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an individual who works as a human resource manager can expect to make about $99,720 annually.

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If you are thinking about pursuing a career in the fields of business and human resources, you should know that there are several things you can do to make yourself a marketable job candidate within each sector or a position that combines both of them. Now that you have an answer to the question “How can I combine business degree with human resources?,” you can make a decision regarding which strategy would be most appropriate and advantageous for you.

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