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Welcome to Biz Brain!

Biz Brain was designed to help provide entrepreneurs with a comprehensive set of tools with which to create new businesses. It provides prospective business owners with tips on managing accounting and payroll, sales and marketing, hiring and training, business technology and insurance and investment.

It also features in-depth information on cloud hosting and online storage for businesses, articles and analyses of markets for startups, as well as rankings of business software systems, VOIP systems and payroll software.

Biz Brain is an information hub, which offers entrepreneurs startup guides, descriptions and reviews of different payroll systems, answers to frequently asked questions about starting businesses and advice on how to choose small business accounting software, business credit cards, Web hosts and VOIP systems.

It also provides entrepreneurs with advice on dealing with others, including tips on how to avoid an IRS audit, how to recruit new workers, how to interview prospective employees and how to avoid common management mistakes. Biz Brain visitors can learn how to choose insurance for their business and how to manage investments wisely. They can also use Biz Brain to find information on business degrees, certifications and courses.

Facts about Small Businesses

  • Statistics show that in the United States, small-business owners employ more than 50 percent of private sector workers.
  • Small businesses are more likely to serve rural areas than large corporations.
  • They also tend to be younger business than larger corporations, in part because successful small businesses have a tendency to grow, and large corporations tend to start as small ventures.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines small businesses as business employing fewer than 500 people.
  • Statistics show that small firms are more likely than large firms to employ workers younger than 25 and workers over 64.
  • Small firms are also more likely to hire workers who lack a college degree.

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Raecine Williams received her Bachelor’s from the University of Miami and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Journalism at the University of Maryland College Park.  She is an intern at USA TODAY, writes for Nirvana Magazine and has worked in various capacities in her native island of Jamaica. In her spare time she runs a clothing line called Wild/Free and loves to travel.

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